Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update on...stuff.

Chasing Shadows: I completed and submitted my Cover Art Request form. That was an interesting and fun task. Now I get to sit back and see what the art department will come up with and how much of my input they use! I received a 2nd editing schedule, pushing edits out a couple weeks, but that'll probably change again. I just noticed that I'm listed among Cerridwen Press authors in the alphabetized listing! How cool is that?!

Thirteen: check my website under the Books tab. I now have a short synopsis for my newest WIP, Thirteen! I'm really enjoying writing this book and it's keeping me highly motivated to write almost every day. I finally filled out a character description form on my third character Adam, as he's become integral to the story. At first, I didn't know him from Adam (hehe!), but he now has an important role and purpose!

Website: check out my new games (Granny's Garden and Raidiux) under my Fun Stuff tab.

Writing a Novel Series: I'm so busy with other stuff that I haven't even started the article on "panster vs. outlining" writing methods. I'll get to it, but it may be later this summer during a lull in my writing and editing schedules!

That's all folks!