Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well, my editor resigned effective June 3. I'll be assigned to a new editor eventually. Haven't heard anything yet.

Ok...I see negatives and positives in this situation. The positive being that maybe my editing schedule will move up again. The negatives: 1) the new editor may be swamped as hell and I get pushed out even further; and 2) the new editor isn't as passioned about my novel as the acquiring editor. That would truly suck. On the bright side, maybe the new editor will love my novel even more. One could only hope.

I was out of town for a couple days this week on work business (my day job), which cut into my writing/revising time! But I finished the first pass through of the as yet untitled novel and added/deleted all the items from my running list, and moved things around. Word count is now at 76,750. My next pass through the novel will be to beef up character background, sensory descriptions, emotions, goal/motivation & conflict.

This is my methodical revision formula. It's easier for me to tackle revisions in stages than to try to do everything at once. It may take longer, but it feels more complete & coherent in stages. This isn't to say that I don't move a comma, add or delete words as I go thru each revision! Can't stop that internal line-editor! My 3rd pass through: scene, chapter and paragraph unity and flow. From the 3rd pass thru onward, things go much quicker. The first 2 passes are the slowest...since it's almost like re-writing.

See you on the flip side!