Friday, June 22, 2007

"Spellbinder" Review

I just finished Melanie Rawn's Spellbinder, which is called "a love story with magical interruptions." This book took me 3 long weeks to read and I have mixed emotions about it. I wanted to love it since I really liked the 2 main characters. But plotting was thin with little action, not much magic going on and it's not your typical boy meets girl romance. There was a bit of "author intrusion" in both narrative and dialogue that detracted from the overall story. However, it did have a "happily ever after" ending. I did enjoy the original premise and there were parts of the book I absolutely loved (along with some great dialogue), I just thought it could have been done better.

This lackluster entry won't stop me from reading Ms. Rawn's older Dragon Prince and Dragon Star epic fantasy series, all six books of which are in my TBR pile along with her first 2 entries of the The Exiles fantasy series. All of which have garnered rave reviews. If you want to read a great Melanie Rawn book (written with Kate Elliott and Jennifer Roberson), read The Golden Key. An epic fantasy standalone, it has a unique plot. Rating: 2.5 out of 5.