Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Contest Results are in!

My urban fantasy/futuristic romance novel Thirteen placed 1st in the Dixie First Chapter Contest in the Paranormal/Futuristic category!!!! The best news is: Chris Keeslar of Dorchester Publishing (final round judge) requested the manuscript! Woohooo! I totally never expected it to get this far. I'm so freakin' excited. Anyways, I'm sprucing up the synopsis and will submit it and a partial to him (ummm....yeah, the full's not done since I put Thirteen aside to finish "Druid Island" for my current publisher. This tactic was done in full awareness of the possibilities here. I just had a burning need to finish "Druid Island" for reasons I won't go into.

On that note, I've worked feverishly on "Druid Island" revisions and am 2 weeks away from completion. Then I'll send it to a freelance editor who will give it a second look/critique/edit/the works. Once I've shipped it off to the freelance editor, I'm back working on Thirteen. Of course, I'll have Chasing Shadow edits going on too now that I have a CP editor again! Whew....then of course, there's my vacation....busy is me.