Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Market for Romance Fiction!

I love it when a new market opens up. Another great place for authors to submit their work in hopes of getting published. Yeah, it's more competition for readers but the market can bear it. Romance fiction generated $1.2 billion in sales in 2004. Half of all paperback fiction sold is romance fiction. It's a huge market and it increases every year.

Here's the skinny (I also reported this in my Market News on my website):

Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc. is launching into the romance fiction game. Their Casablanca line will now publish all genres of romance fiction, including paranormal, time-travel, contemporary, romantic suspense, historical, erotic and Regency. Sourcebook's new line launches this fall with 3 titles. The imprint will eventually publish 15 to 20 titles per season in a mixture of mass market and trade paperback formats. Their goal is to launch new authors and "pick up authors looking for a new direction in their careers." See Submission Guidelines. (Source: Publisher's Weekly).