Sunday, August 05, 2007


Wow, I haven't been here in a while. Between my "sun and fun on the beach" vacation and finishing up my edits in the "Druid Island" book, I've been busy. Yes, I did say FINISHED edits--as of yesterday!!!! Woohooo! Yay me! So the MS is off to my freelance editor (Rhonda) who will critique/line edit, etc. It's such a great feeling to finish a book! Sure, I know I may have some additional editing depending on comments I get back...but I'm so stoked!

I also finished a 6 page synopsis, cover letter and sent the first 3 chapters of Thirteen to Dorchester Publishing in lieu of the full MS Chris Keeslar requested from the contest win. Now I'm back to working on Thirteen to get it done! I'm hoping Chris still wants to see the full after he reads the first 3 chapters.

My Cerridwen Press editor is working on Chasing Shadows and she says editing is going smoothly. No word on a release date yet.

Cerridwen Press recently dropped their trade paperback prices to compete better with mass-market book prices. So royalty amounts will be less but this should generate greater sales. In the end it benefits the readers and authors both. It's an awesome move! I'll admit that price is a consideration when I buy paperback books, so this has a positive affect on my personal buying habits. So go shopping at Cerridwen. They've had some great releases lately. You can buy at the Cerridwen site or your favorite online site such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Better yet, buy some eBooks instead and save a tree and bookshelf space!