Sunday, August 26, 2007

Web Designs and Updates

I attended my first Silicon Valley RWA chapter meeting in over a year yesterday. I figured it's about time I started attending and networking on a regular basis, and get my name out there now that my first book's under contract. Anywhoo, Justin, the owner of Stone Creek Media spoke about his web design/graphic/branding company which caters to authors and other small businesses. They do awesome web sites and are reasonably go check them out! This was timely as I've been looking at the various author site web designers since at some point in the future, I may change my web look and come up with a "brand" for me. Stone Creek Media is definitely in my top 3 contenders. Check out my Web Resources on my website for the short list of other web design companies.

Starting at the beginning of September, I'll be posting a blog about a top writer's reference book that should be on every writer's bookshelf. Check back next week for the first one!

Chasing Shadows is going thru edits at my publisher now. Stay tuned...

I got my "Druid Island" novel back from the awesome freelance editor Rhonda and will be going through her comments & suggestions soon. But right now, I'm on a roll writing Thirteen and don't want to interrupt that! I hit my halfway mark in Thirteen this past week and hope to have the first draft done in a few weeks, definitely by the end of September!

Until next time...