Sunday, September 09, 2007

September Updates & More New Things

Wow, the summer flew by. I’ve kept busy writing and editing so I hardly noticed that September was upon us! Of course, I did see Halloween candy and decorations on the store shelves in early August. I’m surprised Christmas stuff isn’t out yet! Here’s what’s happening or not happening depending on how you view it:

Chasing Shadows: nothing new to report. Still in edits at my publisher.

Thirteen: writing everyday with a goal to complete 24 pages a week, i.e. at least 4 pages, 6 days a week. Since I’m surpassing that goal, I’m hoping to complete a first draft by end of September! Woohoo! No word from Dorchester Publishing on my partial submission from my contest win & request.

Starting early 2008, I plan to post a monthly Blog each month on author promotion ideas, resources, etc. These are ideas I’ve picked up as a new author, not necessarily ways I’ll employ, but just to share ideas for other authors who may need a spark of creativity.

Between my monthly writing references blog and the promotional blog, I’m setting boundaries to consistently update my blog and also provide something to others. Eventually, I’ll expand and provide fun stuff for my readers (once I get some when my 1st book’s released!)

Happy September!