Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trademarks & Updates

I'm finishing up 2nd edits on Chasing Shadows today and finalized my trademark term list. It's amazing how many trademarks a writer ends up using if not careful. I originally used 14 trademarked terms. Wow. I've gotten the list down to 3, although I wanted 2 more, but one of them requires permission from the owner to use and the other I just decided I didn't really need and used a substitue generic term instead. Better be safe than sorry! Anyway, my publisher is very careful about using trademarks, and lists them in the front of the book with an acknowledgement of ownership.

Chasing Shadows 2nd edits will be done and submitted to my editor by tomorrow morning! There wasn't a whole lot of things to change or fix, so I've taken my time on it this week.

Yesterday, I attended my RWA Chapter's monthly meeting. Literary Agent, Kelly Mortimer escaped the San Diego smoke and flew up to attend the meeting. She told us a bit about her, her clients and her agency. Then she went thru and critiqued a 1 pager submission from most of us, which ended up being 2 paragraphs because it was so rushed. I submitted Thirteen. Other than her not liking what she saw as a POV shift in one sentence, she didn't have much to say about it, other than it was easy to spot the fact that it was a paranormal since I mention psychic talent in the first paragraph. By the way, it's not a POV shift--it's the way my character thinks. But I did take her comment into consideration and maybe I'll make a slight adjustment to the wording. Unfortunately, Kelly's not taking new clients unless you're a referral, or she liked you in a pitch. But she was fun to get to know, and very down to earth.

Not much else going on. But I'm keeping busy.

Don't let the ghouls and ghosts get you this week! Later.