Monday, January 07, 2008

To Dedicate or Not to Dedicate...

As I finished the last round of edits for Chasing Shadows last week (yay!), my editor asked me for a few other things. One being a dedication or acknowledgment, if any. You know, that thing at the beginning of a book that says who you're dedicating your book to, like your loving spouse, your kids, your dog...that dedication thing.

Well, I'd thought long and hard about this for a while now. I could dedicate the book to a number of people, or to none at all. I've been leaning toward no dedication for quite some time. But I got to thinking about it again now that the official task is upon me.

In my search for an answer, I found 2 fun articles about book dedications. Read them and maybe you'll figure out my answer!,,2107907,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=10,,1793688,00.html

In truth, I went the path of least resistance and left the dedication blank. In reality, Chasing Shadows is dedicated to all my past and future readers. Thanks for being you.