Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Review for CHASING SHADOWS

Reviews are scary. Period. You hope you get some good ones, knowing your book won't appeal to every reader. So I'd been waiting with trepidation for my first one, my heart beating a mile a minute as a read through it to the final wrap-up paragraph. And here's what this reviewer had to say:

"Erin Richards' release, CHASING SHADOWS is a great paranormal romantic suspense. This is Ms. Richards' debut and from my point of view, she is definitely an author to keep an eye on. CHASING SHADOWS is well written and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. She will definitely be added to my list of upcoming favorites."

Rating: 4 (Excellent)

Lori Sears
The Romance Readers Connection

Okay, my heart can slow down now! Whew!

I've added a Reviews page on my website for future reviews. I just got my 2nd review, another great one, and will link to it once they've updated their website.