Friday, August 15, 2008

Vampires Rule...Still

At the RWA writer's conference, I went to most of the publisher's spotlights. Just when we thought there was a glut of vampire books on the market...the editors pretty much all said to keep writing them, they want them and the readers want to read them. Well hell...maybe Aria needs to get sucked on by a vampire in my next "THIRTEEN" book. Not. Maybe Book 3.

One trend I noticed in the free books I brought home: I'd say 75% of them were paranormal. Yep, publishers are still drooling for paranormal books. Dark, gritty, tortured vampires, demon hunters, shape-shifters, etc. etc., are still big and seem to have found a "permanent" niche in the market. Love it! Not that I write real dark, gritty, tortured characters...but the editors said they want paranoramals/urban fantasy of all caliber.

This was all good news for me, since this is what I love to read and love to write. Now I just need to sell THIRTEEN!

More to come...