Saturday, November 08, 2008

Agents, Titles, and Updates

In case you're wondering...I'm still seeking agent representation. For those who don't know, looking for an agent can take ForEver. Some agents respond to a writer's query letter in hours, some take a year (sometimes more), others fall somewhere in between. So I have a handful of queries that have been floating around in AgentVille that date back to August 30. Yep....2 months is nothing in the Great Big Agent (Stalking) Hunt. I have received some rejections (boo, hissssssss)...and I have had requests for partial or full manuscripts (which are still in Agent review mode). Yay me on the partial & full requests! That's the first result writer's want from their query letters. So the wait continues. I'm not sending any more queries out for a few more weeks, just in case my query letter is not working. If no requests come in, I may have to rework my query letter (for the hundreth time) with the help of the gracious folks on the Absolute Write Forum.

Meanwhile...I'm not sitting on my laurels eating Halloween candy and watching reality TV. I'm transforming Avalon's Shadow into something NEW and better!! It now has a tentative new title: AVALON'S DEMON. However, I had a brilliant brainstorm last night and a new title emerged from a line in the book that is just PERFECT! But I'm keeping it close to my heart right now (a writer's gotta have some secrets). Anyway, the transformation should be done this week. I've also been working on a query letter for it, too. I've gotten the query in fairly decent shape, thanks to some thoughtful critiques at the AW Water Cooler. Hopefully, I only have one final round of reviews to go before I can call it done and put it away.

Did you know that Melissa Marr, the author of WICKED LOVELY, had a list of over 300 titles for the book? She went back and forth with her publisher for 5 to 6 months before they settled on the stunning and brilliant title of WICKED LOVELY. Now that's fascinating, grueling, and downright depressing (in that it took so friggin' long).

Anyway, after all this business with AVALON'S DEMON is done, I'll be in prime position to start my rewrite of DARK MAGIC RISING. It has a new fantasy world and new paranormal characters, so I think the rewrite will be a lot of fun! One can only hope...

Have a great week!