Sunday, November 02, 2008

Book Titles Come and Book Titles Go

One more facet of a writer's creativity where we can spend hours mulling over and researching: book titles. For every title I choose, I search for it on Amazon and Google to make sure it hasn't been used or if it has, it's over 10 years old and only used once before.

Titles usually come to me easily before I even start writing a book. I've been pretty lucky to have my titles stick and fit the story throughout the writing, revising and editing process. Of course, the title could change in publision, i.e. Chasing Shadows was originally called Dream Chasers but I was required to change it by my publisher. That one was hard because I'd used Dream Chasers for so long when the book went through its many iterations.

The title Thirteen hit me the same night I conceived the idea for the book and it's stuck ever since. The simple one word title fits the book in so many ways. It's a perfect title for my story. Heaven forbid if I have to change it...but knowing the nature of the business, I have alternates in the wings.

Dark Magic Rising was originally called Heart of Darkness....yeah I know, several people pointed out that Joseph Conrad has a famous book entitled Heart of Darkness. I finally gave in and renamed it to get away from the stigma of "stealing" such a famous book title (you can't copyright a book title, by the way). The title was one I picked off a list I keep for this purpose. I'm not wedded to Dark Magic Rising and it could easily change once I start my revisions (any day now). It's been Heart of Darkness since I started the book in 2004, but the world & myth of the book has changed and Dark Magic Rising truly fits it now. It's growing on me!

Now, Avalon's Shadow's title was conceived well before Dream Chasers was renamed to Chasing Shadows (so no, I'm not stuck on the use of "shadows" in my titles!). However, it fits the book well, but lately, since the book has gone through a metamorphis, I WANT to change the title. But for the friggin' life of me, I have about 20 titles I like and can't decide on one of them! Grr....maybe I should just leave it alone.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween or Samhain, or whatever else you call it!