Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google and Updates

Do you every Google yourself and see what pops up? I decided to Google my book, Chasing Shadows, to see if there were any new reviews I hadn't seen. Found one! It's another 5 Star review (I'll post it later). I also found the list of Eppie Award finalists on the San Francisco Examiner's website which pulled the link from the Baltimore Blog & Book Examiner! Tres cool. That's my first "newspaper" mention. I was pleasantly surprised.

Not much going on in the writing world. I'm still diligently hunting for an agent for Thirteen. It's a long and arduous process for most of us writers. Some get lucky and snag an agent right off the bat. Apparently, I'm not one of the lucky ones! But I've been querying slowly. With the holidays, I'm holding off on querying any more until after New Years. However, I do still have 3 agents reviewing requested material, after one passed on it. But once the holidays are over, I'm querying full throttle. I'd much rather not have to, though...hint, hint.

As for what I'm writing at the moment...that's hard to say. I've got ideas up the ying yang. I wrote the first 25 pages of Book 2 of my fantasy series to have a proposal ready when I start querying Book 1 (just in case). But I have 2 Young Adult paranormal ideas (among others) burning in my head, so I think I might start one of them in January, after I plot it out over the holidays. So many ideas... so little time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and buy lots of books for gifts!! Come on, you know you want to. Help out the publishing industry!