Sunday, August 09, 2009

August Status Update

Not a lot of news on the agenty front. I received another request for a partial read on Thirteen this past week. It's always great to open an email and see a request to read more material!

I'm now 25% done on the first draft of my new novel, Boomerang Wars. The book is going off in a direction of its own, which my plots tend to do. There's a character I wanted to introduce, but in my previous version (the hiding under the bed version), she didn't have much impact except as a love interest to my MC's new neighbor. As of today...that's changed and I've introduced a subplot involving her and her mother. Yikes! Every time I add in extra subplots, my books tend to run longer than I anticipated.

Boomerang Wars is a young adult magic realism, written from the viewpoint of a 17-year-old boy. The book is about revenge, vigilantism, and street gangs, with a quirky ghost who actually likes living in the Afterlife. Now, I have the added element of trying to glue 2 devestated families back together.