Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October Update

I've been tweaking the layout, colors and updating graphics on my blog, so take a look around. I'm learning to use the latest and greatest version of Paint Shop Pro and having fun with text affects! My version of Photoshop is too old for my new computer and I'm not spending $400+ on the new version. So PSP, it is. Also, check out my new weekly feature on Agent News (for those of you looking for an agent).

Agent search: the interminable search continues. Someday soon I WILL have an agent.

Writing projects: Boomerang Wars has been on hold while I've been making a few revisions on another project. My intent is to get back to the first draft this weekend. I'm at the pivotal middle point, and to avoid the "sagging middle syndrome" I must keep the action going. Of course, putting the characters in peril is always a good way to thwart the dreaded SMS! As long as I don't kill them off...yet.

Other fun things: this week I learned how to make my own cellphone ringtones!! Screw spending $1 - $3 on a ringtone that isn't perfect. I downloaded free software to pluck out the 20 seconds of my favorite songs, found a free converter to convert snippet to a small MP3 file, and then "Bluetoothed" them to my cell phone. There you have it! Now I have favorite riffs of Second Chance by Shinedown and Never too Late by Three Days Grace as my new ringtones. Love it!!

And that's all she wrote, folks. See you on the flip side! Happy Autumn, Fall, Samhain!