Sunday, December 20, 2009

Agents, Holidays & Stats

All was quiet on the agent front last week. Everyone must be enjoying the hustle & bustle of the season.

Some agents are still working, though, but that may change this coming week. Last week I received a PARTIAL rejection, but then received a FULL request, so AgentLand hasn't shut down completely. However, there are many agents who shut down completely and post on the web about it, some take the time to catch up, others continue business as usual (excluding the actual holiday). So why stop querying unless you're super busy yourself? If you query now, and the agent is out of the office until after the New Year, one can argue that your query beats those who waited and queried after you. But then I've heard that some agents don't necessarily work from the oldest to the newest query. There are really no hard & fast rules. Just do what your head & heart tell you to do.

For whatever it's worth, I thought I'd provide an update on my slow agent quest: currently, I have 4 partials and 4 fulls being read by agents, which is a high ratio for me and just one short of my highest of a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping 2010 brings me an offer.

Happy Procrastination Shopping!!!