Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update...done, Finito, FINISHED!

Woohoo! On Sunday, I FINISHED the first draft of my young adult contemporary novel "Boomerang!" It clocks in at a whooping 86,300 words! 11,000 words over my initial target, which seems the norm for me. But by the time it's revised and edited, I'll have deleted and added a bunch of words and it'll end up closer to my original target of 75K.

Begun in May of 2009, "Boomerang" is a contemporary young adult novel, written from the viewpoint of a troubled 17-year-old boy. The book is about revenge, vigilantism, and street gangs, with a quirky ghost who actually likes living in the Afterlife. Oh my! This book has lived inside me in various iterations since I was a teenager, and I'm excited to finally put the real story to paper.

Next up on the agenda: Let "Boomerang" revisions stew while I make a few updates to my fantasy romance novel before I begin querying it anew.