Sunday, February 28, 2010

Agent News - 2/28/10

Agent Mary Ann Naples, co-owner of The Creative Culture, has joined startup OpenSky ( as VP of development, representing the voices of authors and brands at the company. (Source: Publishers Marketplace)

**New Agent** Attorney and author Marisa Corvisiero has recently formalized a relationship with agent Lori Perkins whereby Marisa is accepting submissions via the L Perkins Literary Agency, and is now building her list. Marisa has a Facebook page and a LinkedIn network. A new website and blog are in the works. Marisa is the founder of The Corvisiero Law Practice, P.C., a boutique law firm in midtown New York City where she practices entertainment law among other areas.

She is seeking: Fictions interests include cross genre romance, science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy, horror, literary, quality chick lit, young adult and children's books. Nonfiction interests include memoirs, how-to (in any industry), guides and tales about the legal practice, parenting, self-help, and mainstream science (no textbooks please).

How to contact: Send your query and first two chapters (or full book for picture books – illustrations are not necessary) to Marisa at