Thursday, May 13, 2010

Writerly Status

YAY!!! I finished my totally revised speculative romance novel, WICKED PARADISE, last Thursday! I'd previously called it a fantasy, but it has various "speculative" elements, i.e. fantasy, paranormal, utopian, space and time travel, and post-apocalyptic. "Fantasy" just doesn't cover it all. In the end, it's a romance no matter how you look at it....with lots of adventure and magic, though! WICKED PARADISE clocks in at 92,000 words, which puts it squarely in the accepted word count for a romance novel.

The always adventurous and somewhat daunting agent querying began, with my first batch of 10 queries going out between Friday and Monday. So far, I've received one request for a partial, and yes, the inevitable rejection has already arrived. Fear not! I don't let the rejections get to me anymore. Been there, done that. So over it, my skin is made of armour. With a few holes here and there.

And finally....I've started the revisions this week on my young adult slightly-ghostly contemporary (how's that for a tag?), BOOMERANG. I'm so stoked to be working on something fresh and new again!

There you have it...lots going on in my writing world, home life, day job...I don't have time to keep up on my blog much, but I'll post when I can. Until then...enjoy Spring, now that it's finally here!