Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vigilante Nights

I've completely revised my contemporary YA novel, VIGILANTE NIGHTS, and am ready to toss it out to the world of agents. Yes...I'm querying agents. Again. After the crazy holiday season, this is what I've been working on for the last month. This book is a departure from the paranormal, fantasy genres I write in, but reminds me of writing my first published book, CHASING SHADOWS, which was set in a contemporary world (although with a psychic paranormal element). Sometimes, it's refreshing to my muse to write contemporary after filling my head with strange characters and fantastical worlds. It was time for a breather.

As usual, I don't write to market trends and write what I like...or what my muse tells me to write. This book is written from a boy's POV which makes it even less a "trend." But my muse demanded I write it! At least it has a romantic element so it should appeal to girls and boys. Here's a 2-line "pitch" for VIGILANTE NIGHTS:

After awakening from a coma, battered Lucas Alexander forms a vigilante club to expose the street gang that killed his twin sister. As he hunts the gang, the new girl next door helps him come to terms with his grief, but when Lucas becomes a target, he may lose everything again…especially the girl who gave his life new purpose.

Now here's a fun fact for you...I love Camaro's (and drive one) and Lucas's life revolved around a souped up 1968 Camaro SS...until his life flipped upside down.