Monday, August 06, 2012


Four long years after the eBook release of CHASING SHADOWS, it has now gone into print!

When I came home from my recent vacation, I stumbled upon the print version at Barnes & Noble online before its official release date. With a shiny new cover, no less. Imagine my surprise! My first thought was, "ummm...who stole my name and my book title?" It didn't become real until I got the final confirmation from my publisher and I saw it included on their print list. I'm beyond excitied, especially when the release of my second book is next week!

It's not unusual for an ebook-to-print version have 2 different covers for various reasons. I would have preferred one cover in all, but the new print cover is nice! What do you think?

Print Cover

eBook Cover

You can purchase the print edition at any brick & mortar store by special order, or online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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