Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Reviews for WICKED PARADISE and an Excerpt!

Here's what a couple of readers have said about WICKED PARADISE:

"A Marvelous Novel, Brimming With Imagination"
5-Star Review (my first 5-star review!!):
With the pace of our rush away world, we tend to forget the pleasures of a story well told, languid in its unfolding, and rich in its depths. Wicked Paradise is such a tale. I was drawn in, deeper and deeper, until I could not put it down, appreciating Erin Richards's wonderful use of language, her lush imagery, and intense characterizations. This is a marvelous novel, brimming with imagination. Morgan and Ryan are heroic and passionate protagonists, who must find their way to each other, and to WindWraith, the evil demon they must overcome in a bid to save their mystical, shadow moon island - and, perhaps, the world at large. Ancient Avalon, Druid magic, time travel, twenty-first century post-apocalyptic ruin, high adventure, and romance! Kudos to Ms. Richards for mingling it all together and delivering a novel that entertains, surprises, and enthralls. I loved it!

"Wicked Good Read"
Wicked Paradise is a mix of Merlin magic and twenty-first century apocalyptic destruction. Morgan of Avalon and Ryan O'Rourke must team up to save all magic by destroying the evil WindWraith. Trapped on a deserted isle that is caught between two worlds, these two powerful characters are instantly drawn to one another. Though they come from two different times and worlds, they must learn to trust and confide in each other otherwise the manipulative WindWraith will play upon their doubts and fears in a plot to escape his prison. And if he escapes, all hope for magic and civilization will be doomed.

Erin Richards does an amazing job weaving a sexual tension between Morgan and Ryan that leaves you craving more. The world building on the island provides a very vivid picture--from the fruit on the trees to the moons in the sky to the unique creatures that inhabit the isle--that made it easy to get lost in a world of magic and love.

Want more? Here's an excerpt:

Leaves clung to Morgan’s hair and he reached to pick them out. Her eyes followed his movements, narrowing as if he meant to strike her. Slowly, he feathered his fingers down her silk smooth cheek. He wanted to touch every inch of her, just as he wanted to do from the moment she invaded his dream. Now, she stood before him in the flesh, wearing his T-shirt, alluring as hell. So very alive, he feared turning his back on her. Afraid he'd find his fingers touching air, his eyes gazing upon a mirage.

"Did you tell the truth about the dream? You spoke to me." She shook a finger at him. "What did you say?"

Did she honestly believe they hadn’t shared the dream? Druid or not, dream connection or not, she was pure trouble, and he had a difficult time burying his paranoia. He also had a tricky time reconciling his lack of trust with his desire. For the first time in his life, he wanted to believe in someone he simultaneously desired. There was a first time for even that, right?

On impulse, he bent his head as if to kiss her. A hairsbreadth separated their lips, and he breathed in her fresh shallow exhale. Her breath contained her entire essence, pouring liquid passion into his soul. He nearly yielded to his hunger and tasted her pinched lips. Easing back, she flipped her hair over her shoulder, and he met her insolent expression. Lust arced through him, stunning him with the blow to his system. Hell, he never believed dreams came true. Especially in the life he led, and certainly not in the last two nightmare years.

Until now.

"I said I would find you." His lips grazed her velvety cheek. "When my work was done," he whispered in her ear.

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