Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six+ Sentence Sunday

I can't keep to 6 "sentences" or my excerpts will be miniscule! Here's a continuation of my YA SF that I started 2 Sundays ago:

“Do you think it’s another ozone shift?” Livia gnawed on her bottom lip.
“Looks like it.” I held my palm up, catching fat, glittery snowflakes, watching them melt on my warm hand. “Where are the clouds? It’s seventy degrees outside.”
Livia zipped up her coat. “Not anymore.” She shuddered to prove her point.
The temperature had fallen about thirty degrees in moments. Sun worshippers all along the ragged coast scrambled into their clothes and dashed off the beach. Most of them were probably afraid of a tsunami or tidal wave. I laughed at their paranoia. The Northern Sea may be intemperate on any given day, but the tides have followed the usual moon cycles for the last sixteen years.