Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book Review: To Touch the Stars

Today, we venture into the far reaches of the universe with my review of To Touch the Stars. I love Science Fiction romance and this novel didn’t disappoint. Note: It’s an author eBook reissue of a former Dorchester Publishing title.

Title:  To Touch the Stars
Author: Tess Mallory
Genre: SF Romance
Release Date:  10/20/2011
Format:  eBook
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Back Cover Blurb:
Skyra Cezan’s homeworld of Andromeda has been conquered by the ambitious and powerful Commander Zarn, and everyone she loves murdered—all but her little sister, Mayla, heir to the throne. Fleeing the planet with her sister, she vows to find a way to raise an army and return to her planet one day, overthrow Zarn and restore the once peaceful world to its former greatness.

But establishing a powerful resistance army is not an easy taSk, and when Mayla is kidnapped by Zarn’s agents, Skyra must use her often uncontrollable telepathic powers to find her sister. Her quest leads her to Station One where all of Andromeda’s children are kept incarcerated.

A sneak attack yields only the knowledge that Mayla has been recently whisked away from Station One--and a hostage. Skyra discovers the commander of the station is Zarn's son, a man known as Eagle. She captures him, planning to use as leverage against his father. Determined to find her sister, Skyra is prepared for anything and everything, except her intense attraction to Eagle, and his strange sympathy toward their plight.

After graduating from the Academy, Commander Zarn’s son adopts the name of “Eagle”, a Terran bird, and the name is well suited to the best pilot in the Commander’s Forces. During the career that followed, Eagle did his part to establish his father’s regime. But when a friend is killed in action because of orders given by his father, Eagle rebels and is sent to Station One as punishment. There he must witness the brainwashing and mind control of the captured children of Andromeda.

On Station One Eagle begins to doubt not only his father’s methods, but himself. Strange dreams begin to torture his nights and haunt his days. When his father demands that he bring the Andromedan heir to him on a distant world, Eagle’s doubts increase. And when he is taken hostage by the fierce and beautiful Skyra Cezan, new questions arise that he cannot easily answer.

Soon Eagle must make a decision: Follow his father’s vision of conquest--or follow his heart and find justice for Skyra Cezan and peace for the galaxy.
My Review:
A Fun, Sexy Ride into Space!
If you're looking for a fun, sexy space romance, look no further! TO TOUCH THE STARS has everything to keep you reading far into the night. You'll get a hot romance, a touch of paranormal, and believable SF elements, worlds, and strange new beings. But overriding all that is a strong heroine who will do just about anything to save her sister, including kidnapping the man who can help Skyra get her sister back. What Skyra doesn't know is that tough and sexy Eagle is just as sympathetic to her plight, and it doesn't take long for an attraction to build between them.

Although there was a bit of excessive narrative at times, it didn’t detract from the overall likability of the story. The progression of the romance felt organic and real, and will leave you rooting for Skyra and Eagle's happily ever after.