Sunday, October 07, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today, I'm going to regale you with six sentences from WICKED PARADISE. This is the scene where Morgan my heroine first lays eyes upon Ryan, the demon assassin from the 21st century, after he pulls her from the sea.

Morgan watched the all but naked warrior scrutinize her from soaked boots to wet, stringy hair. His expression shifted from fear to concern then from lust to wariness. Her skin tingled where he touched her, and the intense need to lay her hands upon his broad chest overwhelmed her to distraction. Surreptitiously, she pinched her thigh, feeling the throb radiate down her leg, proof that she wasnt dreaming...or dead. After all, she had foretold her death many moons ago. Surely, the Afterlife didnt include near drowning, did it? Throwing her predicament into the refreshing sea winds, she boldly assessed the sorcerer who haunted her awake twice that day.