Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Book Review: Caution: Filling is Hot

I'm digging into my summer reads now. This one was a fun, flirty romance I enjoyed immensely. I'll also review Tara Mills' next Crimson romance novel, FOREST FIRES, soon!

Title:  Caution: Filling is Hot
Author: Tara Mills
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher:  Crimson Romance
Release Date:  July 16, 2012
Format:  eBook and Paperback 

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Back Cover Blurb:
Here's a recipe to share with friends. Take one prickly demonstration cook, handle carefully. Add one lonely widower, slightly beaten. Mix gently. Fold in two eight-year-olds, one at a time to temper the batter and avoid scrambling. Then finally, add the mother with an agenda--but just a dash because she's spicy. Whip into stiff peaks then spread over an ungreased sheet for best results.

Piper Frost is taking a break from men when contractor Chad Thomas crashes her cooking class and turns on the charm. His persistence is annoying but she's already melting, even without his sneaky mother and conspiring twins in the mix. But just when things are really starting to sizzle, disaster strikes. Can Piper save her recipe for happily ever after or is it already ruined?
My Review:

A Fun and Spicy Read. The filling is definitely HOT!
I don’t read much contemporary romance anymore, leaning more toward darker paranormal, SF&F and its various sub-genres. However, Caution: Filling is Hot just turned that around, and I’m heading back to the bookstore to see what I’ve been missing! I loved this book! It was an absolute joy to read.

Piper has been burnt by love and isn’t looking for a relationship anytime soon. Then bam…gorgeous widower Chad and his precious twins barrel into her life. Try as she might to just stay friends with Chad, Piper can’t resist the sizzling chemistry between them. Not that Chad will let her resist! He pursues her and does everything in his power to break down her walls. The development of Piper and Chad’s relationship was fun, sexy, and natural.
A sense of family grows throughout the novel and is supported by a well-developed cast of characters. I especially loved the sharp wit of Piper’s best friend Joy. Tara Mills has whipped up a warm, believable story with two people who have real insecurities and doubts, but are able to overcome them and find their happily ever after. Caution: Filling is Hot is a fun and spicy read you won’t want to miss. The filling is definitely sizzling!

(I received a review copy from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review).