Sunday, November 04, 2012


Okay...I've tried Six Sentence Sunday, Six Paragraph Sunday and now I've just decided to call it Snippet Sunday. This gives me leeway to post however little or much I want to post! Like it's so complicated! Not. LOL

Anyway, I decided to post the beginning snippet of  my YA contemporary novel VIGILANTE NIGHTS as I sold it (bear in mind that it might change in edits).

Does this draw you in? Or do you need to read more?
Silver's babbling continued at racecar speed. Seriously, I didn’t want to hear about the new target of my sister’s lust. The fallout of her last crush with one of my friends still jacked me up. Memories surged and my gut pinched. Ex-friend now.
A blissful moment of silence descended. I peeked at my twin in the passenger seat. Brow puckered, she sucked on the straw to her daily iced mocha. My gaze slid past the speedometer clocking me at ten over in a fifty-five zone.
“Something feels weird tonight, Lucas.” Her tone turned somber. “Maybe you ought to slow down.”
“Meaning?” I felt her apprehension, a feeling I’d grown used to over the last week since she’d kicked Raymond—our collective ex—to the curb.
She shrugged. “Just a weird vibe I’ve had since we left the mall.”
“Raymond still bothering you?”
Silver looked out the passenger window. She didn’t have to hide the tears I felt from her in our weirdo twin bond. Hoping to lighten the mood, I gunned the car on a clear stretch of the frontage road. Despite her heebie-jeebies, I knew she loved the speed as much as I did.