Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wonderland Blog Hop & Giveaways!

Thanks to all the people who stopped by my blog and hopped around to the other blogs!

Grand Prize winners:
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1. Marianne Theresa $100 gift card
2.  Shannon G. $50 gift card
3. April H. $50 gift card

As for my personal giveways, winners have been chosen by random draw at
1. An autographed copy of CHASING SHADOWS and swag: Rionna Morgan
2. An eBook copy of CHASING SHADOWS:
Lisa Walker
Carrie R.

Welcome to the Crimson Wonderland Blog Hop!
We have lots of great authors and giveaways!
November 17 - 21.
The authors at Crimson Romance offer a wonderland of romantic worlds! We’re celebrating our wide spectrum of romances with the first Crimson Wonderland Blog Hop! Forty-five authors will entice you to their worlds and offer prizes to lucky visitors.
As well as dozens of giveaways, there will be three grand prizes: one gift certificate for $100 and two gift certificates for $50 each at Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner's choice)! Every blog comment you leave during the hop is entered into a drawing to win one of the grand prizes.The more comments you leave from blog to blog, the more chances you have to win! Keep reading below for details on my own giveaways!
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Let the romance take you away into a wonderland of fun with us! Read onward!

Escape to a Paradise Wonderland

You can come to paradise, but you might never leave... Explore my paradise for your next winter wonderland getaway!
When I set out to write my fantasy romance novel, WICKED PARADISE, I wanted to write a time-travel with a heroine from medieval times and a hero from the present-day. I wanted an escape to an unknown, exotic, and unique world. A place Morgan and Ryan never wanted to leave. A place devoid of human life where they could explore their relationship away from the burdens of their horrible home lives.
During the conception stage of WICKED PARADISE, I took a queue from a classic Eagles song, “Hotel California.” The lyrics: “this could be heaven or this could be hell” and “you can check-out anytime you like, but you can never leave” resonated with me. Instantly, the idea about an unchartered, inescapable island and the lost and desperate people who were destined to colonize it took flight. Most of all, I wanted my world to be the heaven they never wished to leave. First, I had to make it hell. What fun would heaven be without a trip through danger or hardship to reach that paradise? LOL! 
Due to my small cast of characters, my unique setting became an empathetic character itself and caused havoc and mayhem on my heroine and hero as they searched for their happily ever after. Just like my human characters, my world had to be friendly, to create mood and influence behaviors. Weather, treacherous terrain and non-human inhabitants needed to test the mettle of both my island and characters, and also create opportunities for my heroine and hero to come together and explore their relationship naturally as they traveled toward their common goal. As my characters evolved and changed, so did my world. My island showed fear and relief. It sought comfort as well as gave it. It worked with my heroine and fought my villain. It endured and overcame external conflict and peril. My island became real to me as if I had walked upon it a million times.
Two moons shadowed the island and bathed the nights in violet hues. The sun hung in a cloudless blue sky. Fine white beaches, waterfalls, mysterious crystal caves and a hidden grotto beguiled my characters. The jungle cooled as well as sweltered, and it hampered as well as aided. Throughout the boundless evil Morgan and Ryan faced, they fell in love on my paradise away from the dying and apocalyptic lives they endured in their home lands and time periods. Shadowmoon Island became their destiny in more ways than one.
Take a chance on a total escape for a couple of hours. Walk through my jungle, breathe its air, taste its food, experience a slice of heaven. Come to my paradise, and you just may find you never want to leave.

Click here to read more about  WICKED PARADISE.
What’s your idea of a winter wonderland? Where will you take your next vacation?

 Extra Giveaways! 

Comment in this post for your chance to win an autographed copy of my romantic suspense novel CHASING SHADOWS, an autographed WICKED PARADISE postcard, bookmarks and a deck of Ellora’s Cave playing cards, which includes a card for CHASING SHADOWS! (US & Canada winner only; winner outside the U.S. or Canada will receive a $15 gift card to either Amazon or B&N, winner’s choice).
Follow my Blog as I venture into Blog Tour Hosting and continue my own journey as a published author. Anyone who follows my blog during the Crimson Wonderland Blog Hop will earn a chance to win one of 3 eBook copies of CHASING SHADOWS.
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Carrie said...

A winter wonderland vacation would involve actual snow...that I don't have to shovel :) We usually just get rain during the winter

BLHmistress said...

Being from PA , I honestly want to escape the snow, don't get me wrong I think snow is beautiful, I just hate the cold. So I would love to go where it is warm all year round . Hawaii sounds like a good place to be.


Sharon Clare said...

Wow, you write one tantalizing setting, Erin. You've convinced me. I want to visit!
Adding Wicked Paradise to my to be read list!!

Erin Richards said...

Thanks for stopping by! I've lived in both snowy climates and sunshine and I much prefer sunshine! Snow is beautiful to see from inside with a fire burning!


Marjorie/cenya2 said...

I cannot wait to see the first snow flakes coming down. I love it.
Mind you, I said the FIRST snow flakes.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Nay Nay said...

Loved your paradise. I want to go there. Since I live in So. Calif. I can have the best of both worlds. I can go to the beach and to the snow all in one day. I love to spend a weekend in the mountains after a big snowfall. It is so beautiful and having a roaring fire to come inside to after playing in the snow is absolute heaven. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

laurie said...

cannot wait to see the first snow flakes coming down. I love it.
Mind you, I said the FIRST snow flakes.

Carole-Ann Vance said...

Your island comes across as an extremely strong character!...I will be back to find out more!
Great blog hop!

K. April Holgate said...

I love blog hopping because it adds new books to my to read list!


bas1chs said...

My winter wonderland would definitely have snow, pine trees, mountains and valleys, a cabin, a fireplace, and a hot guy. Yes, I would like to order that up for my next getaway LOL
bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

teresa said...

Oh I agree with Carrie. A winter wonderland where we don't have to shovel! Really enjoyed your post, Erin and congrats on the YA sale!

Beckey said...

A winter wonderland would include actual snow, its pretty but not nice...
PA here too, the cold and I don't get along well (titanum plates and screws in my leg, some wierd reason the metal absorbs the cold which tends to be painful resulting me in hiding under a pile of blankets with heating pad, a cup of tea and a book)

FB GFC & Newsletter following

Joy said...

Sounds good, thanks for the hop.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

kipha said...

No shoveling!!! What a great winter wonderland.
Thanks for the hop!!


Eva said...

I like at Tahoe so winter is definitely a wonderland with the beautiful trees covered in snow, the mountains, the ice skating and the skiing and other winter sports! I think it is extra good when you can get in hot springs overlooking snowy mountains and sip hot chocolate!

I am now following your blog, too!


Jessa Grey said...

Sounds so interesting! I'm definitely going to check out Wicked Paradise!

Liese2 said...

love the chnge of seasons; including snow. I love to look at it, but driving in it makes me crazy!
Thanks for the great post!!

Tara said...

That's a good question. I'd have to say Alaska. I went on a cruise there. I loved it. I want to go back. Of course, I was able to view the ice and snow from a ship. I didn't have to drive or shovel. LOL tchevrestt(at)

Jyl22075 said...

Whenever I think of a winter wonderland I tend to picture a snowy European village.

JYL22075 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I've lived in a non-snowy area my whole life, so sometimes the whole winter wonderland sounds ideal. I should probably be careful what I wish for....


Erin Richards said...

What great responses! I used to live in Colorado and Washington state and had my share of the snow, but I like visiting a real winter wonderland. ;)

Thanks to all for visiting my blog and all the well wishes!

I've had an editing deadline today so I've been out of the loop all weekend. Whew...finally hit the sent button to my editor a few minutes ago.

JanD said...

My idea of a winter wonderland is Antarctica.
bituin76 at hotmail dot com

Mel Bourn said...

A trip to the mountains with a cabin surrounded by snow. A warm fire, some wine, and my hubby. Sounds wonderful!
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Rionna Morgan said...

Yay!! Just stopping by on my way around the hop! This is so much fun!


B. said...

Thanks for participating in the blog hop!

bme722 at gmail dot com

Melissa Limoges said...

I'm actually planning on Alaska for my next vacation. Perhaps, I should just stay there. :)

Thanks for participating in the hop. Happy Thanksgiving. :)


Rowena May O'Sullivan said...

Hi Erin
Jut popping into say hi. The only winter wonderland I've ever been too was Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand. It was all crispy and clean and white. And that was 40 years ago! Sigh.