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INSIDE OUT -- Review & Tour (+Giveaway)

Looking for a great wolf shifter story? Then look no further.
Read all about INSIDE OUT including my review below.

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Title: Inside OutAuthor: Amy Lee BurgessGenre: Urban FantasySeries: The Wolf Within Book 4Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.Release Date: October 31, 2012Format: eBook

Blurb:There's no place like home...or is there?

When Stanzie is asked to investigate her birth pack- Mayflower--she isn't prepared for what she finds.

No one respects the Alphas and the newest adult member of the pack is being encouraged to leave. Why? To make matters worse, the men are dangerously intent on mating and shifting with her.

How far will the pack she thought she knew go to get what they want? Without her bond-mate, Liam, Stanzie must face this alone and, barely ahead of threat of violence, must solve the mysteries, and fast.

WARNING: Vulgar language, sexual situations, group sex, violence
Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance
Excerpt:Alan looked at me and panic flooded his silver blue eyes.“Stanzie.” My name was a horrified plea.

I could see the ghost of a wolf’s muzzle beneath his mouth. He held out a hand and recoiled when he saw the dark fur on his palm.

“Take off your clothes, Alan,” I urged, but he stood there, transfixed. I hastily unbuttoned his plaid shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. “Help me,”I cried as I tugged at his sleeve.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me,” he whispered. His body gave a bone crunching shudder and he stared at Faith and Scott’s wolves, terror etched across his face. The wolves waited together, shoulder to shoulder. It was a damn good thing I hadn’t shifted myself. Poor Alan was clueless.

I fumbled with the button on his fly and then the zipper. His throat rippled and he threw back his head and howled. The noise nearly scared the shit out of me, but I somehow managed to get his zipper down and then I pushed him onto his ass so I could pull his jeans off. He was no help at all, caught in the throes of the first emergence of his wolf. His body morphed in and out of focus. It was like trying to undress someone by strobe light and I had to shut my eyes so I wouldn’t lose my concentration. Alan whimpered and whined. Shifting was painful sometimes--especially when we fought it and he was. He didn’t know how to relax into the chaos and let it flow. He still struggled for control, for a way to reason out the process, and that was impossible. Shifting did not make sense. It just happened.

“Let go. Alan, just go with it,” I coached in a quiet voice as I sat as near as I could to him. He writhed on the pine needles and screamed as his bones shifted beneath his skin. “It hurts less if you just let go.”

“Stanzie!” My name turned into an anguished howl and just when I had begun to get scared, it happened. Alan blinked out of this plane and when he blinked back in, he was shifted.

His wolf was gorgeous. Dusky black with ice-blue eyes. A touch of gray at the tips of each paw. Big too. Bigger than Scott’s gray wolf. He rolled to his feet and sprawled onto his face when he tried to walk. Two legs to four was a bitch for some people. It had never fazed me, but Grey told me it had taken him half an hour to figure out how the hell to walk the first time he’d shifted. I grinned to remember the story and reached out to pat Alan’s wolf on the head. He whined at me.

“Get up and walk. Four legs are fun,” I told him. I was on my hands and knees now, so we could look eye to eye. If he got up, that is. Faith’s wolf pranced over and nudged him with her dainty muzzle. He whined again and she gave a coughing bark. In wolf speak she told him to get off his ass.

Scott’s wolf approached me and stared at me so hard I knew he tried to tell me something, but I couldn’t figure out what. Then it hit me. Duh. I was still in human form.

I stood up so I could strip off my jeans and t-shirt. Scott’s wolf waited impatiently. Alan’s wolf had gained his wobbly feet but seemed stuck in one position. When Faith’s wolf nudged his back end with her nose, he promptly fell over again and I snickered. Alan’s wolf gave me a reproachful look and I patted his head in apology. Scott’s wolf moved behind me and bumped the back of my knees so hard I fell over. Alan’s wolf wheezed with lupine laughter. “At least I can walk on all fours,” I muttered. Naked, I crawled away a few feet to give myself space for shifting. Only nothing happened.

My Review

Amy Lee Burgess brings the reader into the world of Stanzie’s wolf pack and her childhood home, a place she hasn’t visited in a long time—and for good reason. When I signed on for this tour and offered to do a review, I wasn’t aware that this was Book 4 in an urban fantasy series. Yet, I was able to follow the story well as the author did a great job of sprinkling in just enough intriguing backstory for me to understand Stanzie and her history. After finishing INSIDE OUT, I now want to go back and start reading from the beginning with Book 1. The story was that good!

INSIDE OUT starts with Stanzie’s bond mate Murphy (and Paddy) leaving her after the events of Book 3. She pines for Murphy throughout the rest of the story and her heartache is deeply felt as I delved into what has become of her life. I kept wanting Murphy to come back, and I didn’t really know him that well, but the author’s depiction of him left me wanting to know this man so much more. I’d love to see him come back in Book 5 and the two of them work through their very real issues to an HEA.
In this chapter of Stanzie’s life, she’s been called home to investigate some nefarious activity happening in her home pack. She’s an outcast from the pack, having left it over a decade ago, but Stanzie needed this diversion to get her mind off Murphy (at least a little). I loved the suspense element as she investigated strange and dangerous occurrences with other members of the pack she trusted, all the while dealing with the fallout of her ban, and the people who had turned on her…including her own father. What she discovers is such a great twist that I didn’t see it coming! Kudos to Ms. Burgess for a surprising plot element! Stanzie faces her deepest fears and much mistrust by going back home and confronting her past. Her story in INSIDE OUT was a breakthrough for her, and she has now become a much stronger woman. I look forward to seeing how this series wraps up.
Ms. Burgess has a fantastic ability for characterization and the writing was excellent. The secondary characters were also well written and integral to moving the story along. I would highly recommend INSIDE OUT to fans of urban fantasy and particularly readers of shifter stories.
4 of 5 Stars

Author Bio

AmyLee Burgess wrote her first ghost story at age ten. Born in New England, she has also lived in New Orleans and Houston, survived fires, floods, hurricanes, divorce and the premature cancellation of several of her favorite television shows. Turning her back on such shocking betrayals, she is now writing about ghosts, vampires, and other paranormal things and is much happier for it.
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