Sunday, January 20, 2013


Title:  Forest Fires
Author: Tara Mills
Genre:  Contemporary Romance (Suspense)
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2012
Format:  ebook and Paperback (coming soon)

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Back Cover Blurb:
Cocky Charley Jensen doesn’t mince words. She knows how to handle herself, doesn’t shy away from hard work, loves tinkering with her pickup, and is far more comfortable with a tool belt hanging off her hips than an apron. However, Charley’s a failure at personal relationships, more experienced throwing punches and insults than her arms around someone. She’s way out of her comfort zone when she strays across a clean cut babe, emphasis on babe, stranded in the woods. Her cool and dismissive assessment of Drake Carver is entirely wrong but correcting someone this opinionated isn't easy.

Don’t let this biologist’s Oxford shirt fool you. Drake’s tough, used to roughing it, and not afraid to be tested. He’s just never encountered a women quite like Charley which, in his opinion, makes her ideal for his purposes. As they dance around their obvious attraction and continue to butt heads time is running out. Drake needs to make his proposition before the birds fly. Unfortunately, Charley kicks him out of her bed and her life right when he was about to clinch the deal. And here he thought outrunning a forest fire was going to be the hardest thing he faced this summer.
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors
Another Fantastic Novel by Tara Mills!
The first chapter of FOREST FIRES sucks you in and doesn’t let go. Ms. Mills’ successfully sets up the story from page one when Drake has a flat tire and Charley stumbles across him on the highway. Drake is returning to the small town and cabin where he spent his boyhood summers, the place Charley calls home. Sparks fly and the adventure begins!
I got a kick out of the role-reversal with Charley as a handywomen and Drake a scholarly wildlife biologist. It creates great tension between them when Drake needs a helping hand at his rundown cabin. Charley doesn’t trust due to having been burned before in love, and Drake’s all too willing to be the man to help her overcome her distrust. When the two get caught in a suspenseful and gripping escape from a raging forest fire, their relationship starts to sizzle (literally!). Down to the last page, I didn’t know how they would reach their happily ever after when Drake is only in town for the summer. But Ms. Mills’ wraps it up beautifully and the ending was real and satisfying.
I loved Tara Mills’ first novel Caution: Filling is Hot and was excited to read FOREST FIRES. Tara Mills has a flare for injecting humor into her stories in just the right places and in the right amounts. I love her writing and story-telling ability, and I highly recommend both books. Tara Mills is now on my instant buy list.