Sunday, March 24, 2013

Next Steps for Vigilante Nights

In case you miss the little "present" I got in the mail last weekend, here's another picture!

I received 10 ARCs (advanced readers copies) of Vigilante Nights in trade paperback format. It's super exciting to see VN in print and hold it in my hands, even if it's not the final printed version! For those who don't know, "advance readers copy" commonly known as an ARC is exactly what they say they are. The are bound copies printed (before the final release copy and official release date) to send out to advance readers. Advance readers are booksellers, reviewers, librarians, bloggers, etc. F+W Media/Merit Press will send them out, but I can do what I want with these copies, hopefully garner some early reviews from them. And give a few away! (Keep reading for giveaway information.)

These copies are also uncorrected, that is, they don't include the corrections I made in my final galley review in February, because they went to print before last changes could be made. This is totally normal. Even the back cover blurb (book description) is the older catalog version and will also be changed on the final version. The new back cover blurb version is on my website and on all the sale sites, like Amazon, etc. Also, I updated my author photo and this copy has the old photo. I even had to ask my editor if that will change since they wanted me to update my photo (which I heartily agreed with once I redid the photo!). LOL! The photo issue is a story for another day. It was my mistake and not my publisher's!

Eventually, I will get a PDF copy of the final version. Right now, it's going through a couple more reads at Merit Press before it goes to final print in hardcover format (and eBook).

Without further ado, here's my giveaway information:

First Readers Giveaway of Vigilante Nights at Goodreads! Starts April 1 and will be open worldwide. I'm giving away 3 ARCs. Plus, each winner will receive a swag pack, which includes a VN key chain. Goodreads Link

Also, if you pre-order Vigilante Nights, I will be giving away an exclusive swag pack (this is a gift, not a giveaway). Details will be coming within a couple weeks.

Having said that, I just found out that Vigilante Nights is up for pre-order at Walmart! If you prefer to buy from Walmart vs. Amazon or the usual retailer suspects, you're in luck!  Walmart Pre-Order Link