Sunday, May 05, 2013

Snippet Sunday: Vigilante Nights (Lucas meets Tara)

The release date of Vigilante Nights is careening at me at the speed of hot rods on nitro! July 18 will be here in no time. It's time for some fun snippets to get you in the mood!

Here's the scene where Lucas meets Tara, his new neighbor, for the first time:

My lucky stars must’ve aligned in my alternate universe. The mystery goddess was catching rays and reading on her eReader on her front lawn. Bookworm? Girls I used to date only read fashion and gossip rags. Her gazed alighted on me, zipped away, head bowed as if she were studying her purple toenails. I climbed out of the Lexus, practicing my most suave moves. My disjointed efforts backfired big time as my knee buckled and I banged my arm on the open door catching my balance. Stars flickered in my vision as I rubbed my elbow.

“School out already?” Her voice carried to me, sultry and hot enough to melt chocolate. The breeze tousled her hair and she made no attempt to smooth it down.

Wow. My tongue got all tied up for the first time ever. I wanted my initial words to be epic. Stupid Epic refused to emerge from the brain sludge. I strolled over to where she sat Indian style on the new lawn in a loose black T-shirt and baggy cargo shorts. “I need to meet the tow to snag my car.”

“Bummer about your Camaro.” Lacking any grace, she stumbled to her feet, brushing grass off the rear of her white shorts, seeming not to care about grass stains. Most girls I knew would’ve beelined it for the closet. Strangely, I liked that she didn’t care. “I’m Tara Harrison,” she added. She sipped green gunk out of a clear plastic cup.

Her name jingled a distant bell. Dad probably mentioned the family to me during my Summer of Delirium—in honor of Silver, my moniker for the worst summer of my life. The parentals used to visit my hospital room and babble about nothing. The pits of despair kept me from remembering much.

My gaze traveled from Tara’s bare feet to her blonde-streaked brunette hair. Weird flutters plagued my stomach. A freakishly intense need to move closer to her kept my feet rooted to the new sod in a fierce battle. “Lucas Alexander. I live next door.”

“I figured as much.”

Feeling the idiot gene sprout, I mentally kicked myself. We traded an easy laugh, and I resisted the urge to scratch my itchy facial scars.

“You have awesome eyes. Like spring grass.” A blush colored her neck, flushed down her chest.

“Uh, thanks.” Total moron reply. Man, everything had changed after the accident. My defective brain couldn’t keep up with the new Lucas Alexander.

“Do you play football?” A breeze kicked up, and Tara brushed a lock of glittery hair off her eyelashes.

Several disconcerted moments slipped by before I realized I wore my football team polo, the first shirt my hands snagged in the closet that morning. Regret radiated through me. I attempted to unclench my locked jaw. Time to bite the bullet. Beranger told me every time I discussed the tragedy, it’d get easier to tackle. Those hundred bucks an hour weren’t a total waste. That piece of advice was worth a bill.

“Used to,” I mumbled, honing in on a beetle crashing into the damp grass.

“Did I say—” Her eyes grew misty. “Oh, I’m sorry. The realtor told us about the . . . about what happened.”

I waved off her concern. “Where you guys from?”

Her full bottom lip trembled. Honestly, I was glad she’d heard the story. Saved me from having to download the gruesome details.

That's it for this Snippet Sunday! Hope you enjoyed it!
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