Sunday, September 08, 2013

It's All About the Camaro!

Some of you know that I love Chevy muscle cars and drive a Camaro (my 4th one). My first Camaro was a used copper 1975 RS which was considered a 2nd generation model. Then I moved up to a black 1984 Z28, then a metallic blue 1990 IROC Z28 (my favorite of the three...this car kicked ass), both 3rd generation models. Chevrolet stopped manufacturing the Camaro after the 4th generation 2002 model, and brought back the retro 5th generation in 2010. Now I drive one of the newer 5th gen RS models. It was conceivable that some day I'd throw one in a book. How could I not? LOL Camaros are in my blood. Actually, they are in my family's blood since both my mother and brother have owned and do own various models.

1969 Camaro SS
Vigilante Nights seemed like the perfect story to add a Camaro since my main character, Lucas Alexander, was into hotrods. I started Lucas off with a 1st generation 1969 SS Camaro that he rebuilt from a shell. Well, if you've read the first chapter of Vigilante Nights or even the back cover description, you know it doesn't last!

2011 Camaro SS

Although, not a complete replacement to the car that Lucas lovingly restored, insurance and his parents replaced his 1969 Camaro with a new 5th generation SS 2011 model. Chevrolet went with a retro look on the new generation of Camaros (2010-current). There are some similarities, but I prefer the boxier clean lines (and updated electronics!) of the newer model. Which one do you like best?

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