Sunday, September 01, 2013

Lucas's Favorite Raspberry Lime Rickey

Summer is winding down, but the heat is still with us and I'm reminded of cool summertime drinks. I wanted to post this at the beginning of summer, but time slipped by me. Who says you can't drink cold drinks anytime of the year? Not me!

My main character in Vigilante Nights, Lucas Alexander, loves Raspberry Lime Rickey "sodas." He prefers the traditional New England version, which of course is non-alcoholic. (There are plenty of alcoholic recipes out there, but we won't go there!) The drink makes for a refreshing summertime treat, and since I live in California, it also makes for a great year-round alternative to plain old cola.

Anyway, when I first visited Rhode Island over ten years ago, I was introduced to the drink and fell in love with it. All the kids were drinking it like the well was drying up, too. I didn't know it was a traditional New England drink, but it made sense since I had never heard of them in California. While I was writing Vigilante Nights, I wanted Lucas to have a "favorite" drink outside the ordinary cola or sports drink, and I didn't want him to like energy drinks. My mind instantly went to the Rickey because it has become a favorite of mine (although I use Cherry syrup now). So if you like lime and/or raspberry, you should try it out! Here's Lucas's favorite recipe:

8-10 ounces lemon lime soda (your favorite brand)
1 lime quartered
1.5 ounces raspberry syrup

Fill glass with ice. Squeeze the lime wedges into glass and drop in. Fill with lemon lime soda, and top with raspberry syrup. Easy peasy and so delicious!

Mix it up and change the syrup to any flavor you like, i.e. lemon, orange, cherry. For those watching your calories or sugar, you can also exchange the soda for diet soda and use sugar free syrup.