Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Release: DRAGON DAWN

I'm happy to bring a new science fiction (with a little romance and time-travel twist) novel to your eyes today! Congratulations to Deborah O'Neill Cordes on her release of DRAGON DAWN. If this is anything like her other time travel series (writing as a co-author of Morgan O'Neill), I'm sure it will be a winner! Check back in a few weeks for my review.

Don't you just love this cover?

Title:  Dragon Dawn
Author:  Deborah O’Neill Cordes
Series:  Book One of the Dinosaurian Time Travel Series
Genre:  Science Fiction
Release Date:  January 15, 2014
Format:  eBook; print

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Book Description

Time snakes between alternate universes.  Ever watchful, an alien intelligence survives on Mars, waiting to be found by spacefarers from Earth.  The alien’s ultimate goal is to send human astronauts back in time, where they will alter the past and thwart the extinction of the dinosaurs.  A race of intelligent dinosaurs, resembling the alien’s extinct species, subsequently evolves to rule the world.  But a human female astronaut, through a strange twist of fate, survives the change in the space-time continuum.  After finding herself in a dinosaurian body, she must race against time – and the formidable alien – to restore the universe to its rightful course.

About the Author

Deborah O’Neill Cordes is a screenwriter and novelist of historical and speculative fiction. She is the Dragon Dawn, Book One of the Dinosaurian Time Travel Series. She is also the co-author of the Morgan O’Neill time travel novels, which she writes with Cary Morgan Frates. Three of Deborah’s works have been optioned by Hollywood, while many others are award winners, garnering finalist placements in the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Conference Literary Contest, semi-finalist wins in the William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, and the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Finalist award in the Seattle International Film Festival’s Perfect Pitch Forum. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two West Highland White Terriers, who, alas, are precocious terriers and therefore never white.
author of the sci-fi time travel novel,

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