Monday, June 23, 2014

Did you know...

Just for fun, I'm going to give you thirteen random facts about me. How many did you know about?
  1. We’ll start off with the usual: my favorite colors are purple, blue, and black…like a bruise!
  2. I love American muscle cars and have owned 4 Camaros.
  3. My favorite music is hard rock, and I love Three Days Grace, Metallica, Seether, and Avenged Sevenfold.
  4. I’m a California native, but have lived in Washington State and Colorado. I much prefer the warmer California climate!
  5. My favorite adult book is OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon.
  6. I HATE coffee, milk and eggs. I’m weird like that.
  7. When I was eleven, my cousins, sister, and I snuck up on an American Indian tribe holding a nighttime ritual celebration and we almost got caught. It scared me senseless!
  8. My favorite classic YA book is THE OUTSIDERS by S.E. Hinton.
  9. I will confess: I have not read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies beyond the 2nd one, The Chamber of Secrets, even though I loved the movie!
  10. When I was a child, I once stepped on a snake inside the door of our country house in Washington State. Still gives me the creeps.
  11. My favorite dessert is New York cheesecake…or anything chocolate.
  12. I prefer to shop on the internet and much prefer browsing on the computer than in the stores. I even ordered and bought a car off the internet without ever test driving it.
  13. I like reading all kinds of fiction from historical to contemporary romance, to fantasy…but love writing paranormal and suspense the best!