Monday, June 29, 2015

Great Reviews, Updates and Fantastic Giveaway!

Chasing Shadows has received some great reviews on Amazon and beyond. I appreciate every single one and thank all reviewers and all my new readers. You are the best!

I've received numerous emails from readers who loved Chasing Shadows and are asking when the second book in the Psychic Justice Series will be out. I'm hard at work on various projects, but have completed the first draft of Lily and Jake's story in Stealing Twilight (you'll see a little of Juliana and Alex in the novel also). I'm hoping to publish it in Jan/Feb 2016. I'm also contemplating an earlier tie-in short story from Juliana's point of view to introduce Jake in Stealing Twilight (it all depends on my bandwidth, which has become very tight with all my various writing projects).

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Read what Fresh Fiction and The Romance Reviews had to say about my romantic suspense novel:

"A whirlwind of emotions, twists, turns and rediscovered love will keep you breathless! Equally suspenseful and sweet, CHASING SHADOWS is a book that is well worth your time. You will be caught up in the story instantly and will not want to stop reading until the exciting and jaw dropping conclusion. I promise!” ~Fresh Fiction. Read full review.

"Make sure you have a couple hours of free time to yourself before reading CHASING SHAODWS, because you won't be able to put the book down. This is the first book I've read from Erin Richards, but it definitely won't be the last. I can guarantee I will be giving this another read real soon, that's how much I loved CHASING SHADOWS! 5 stars all the way!" ~The Romance Review--Top Pick. Read full review.

Chasing Shadows is still $.99, but the sale ends soon. Get your copy before you have to pay full price!