Monday, November 16, 2015

New Release TWILIGHT RISING & Excerpt

I'm thrilled to announce that TWILIGHT RISING, a Psychic Justice novella, is now out in the world!

After Juliana Westwood decides to join the Psychics Guild, she dreams of a murder and butts heads with them as they investigate...and warn her to stay away. Someone's threatening Guild psychics, fueling her detective fiancé's dislike of the exclusive club and urging her to investigate from the depths of her mind.

Detective Alex MacKenzie’s jealous of Guild PI Jake McAllister who’s developed a telepathic connection to Juliana, battling Alex’s ability to protect her. But Jake has enigma Lily Falbrooke on his mind when she returns home to attend her father’s funeral...and receives a cryptic message from the grave from Juliana. Will Alex ever accept the Guild in Juliana’s life? Or will her psychic talents destroy their hard won relationship.

This short novella gives CHASING SHADOWS' readers a glimpse of Juliana and Alex a few weeks after the story ends. It also sets the stage for Jake and Lily's story in STEALING TWILIGHT, the second novel in the Psychic Justice series (Spring 2016).

Available now for $.99


Stepping closer, he gloved her hand in his and imprisoned it flat over his left pectoral. His heart beat fast against her palm, the signs of his longing. A thrill shot through her, splaying off into several directions to her stomach and all points south. God, she loved him. Didn’t know how anyone loved a person so wholly, without utterly losing her identity. Their twelve-year separation had never hindered her love for Alex, yet it had given her an identity she might not have otherwise developed if she’d stayed behind. Despite the drastic steps her father took to bury her in a paranormal institute in New York, the experience had ultimately given her a life and hope for the future in a family of psychics who’d never learned to control their skills.
Alex’s eyes reached inside her and touched a spot only he had touched before. Her body responded with an unexpected burn. He dipped down and his mouth captured hers. Juliana cinched her arms around his neck and he drew her so close, they barely trapped a molecule between them. The place she wanted to stay forever, to make up for the desolate lost time they’d both experienced.
Burning with need, she broke off the kiss before someone busted them. She fingered her lips to hold in his faint taste of coffee and hazelnut creamer, and then forced her hands to her sides to prevent them from slipping beneath his shirt.
“Damn, Juliana.” He plucked the crotch of his pants. “When I take you home, I may not make it to the office today.”
“When was the last time you took a sick day?” She rested the back of her hand on his forehead.
Her eyes widened. “I’d say you’re due. You’re hot.”
“That’s what all the girls say.”
She play-whacked his arm. “I meant feverish.”
Laughing, he seized her hand and they hightailed it down the hill. As soon as they viewed the road below, he squeezed her hand and they separated, acting the consummate professionals to the public at large. Professional of what, is anyone’s guess.
By the time they reached Juliana’s house, her desire had cooled. The visions played out in her head. Little made sense. Maybe it was a normal every day dream, not a prescient vision. It wasn’t entirely unusual, but the next few days would be telling as her subconscious viewed her way through the case, scraping together more details each time she experienced a telepathic vision until the police solved the case.
Alex snatched her bag from the cargo hold and met her on the porch. The moment she gripped the doorknob, another vision invaded her, laying waste to her every thought. She sagged against Alex and vaguely felt his arms catch her as oblivion sucked her into its dark depths.